Multi Grain Dressers

Multiple grain dressers are equipped with a holder and a diamond insert. 
The dimensions of the diamond insert, as well as the grain size and the bonding/diamond grain ratio are defined by the grinding wheel to be dressed.
If you give us your individual grinding wheel parameter we will be happy to consult you concerning the correct multiple grain tool.

Compared with single grain dressers multiple grain dressers offer quite a few advantages:

  • Lower costs
    Even though the actual diamond content is normally much higher in multiple grain dressers than in single grain dressers the price is still lower because for the most part smaller diamonds are used.

  • Faster removal
    With multigrain dressers there are generally multiple diamonds at work on the grinding wheel so the work load is distributed over several diamond points and with that a greater feed is made possible. The result: faster removal of the material. Depending on the area of application diamonds of differing variation shapes can be arranged (see examples).
  • Long tool life
    Because multigrain dressers are slower to wear than single grain dressers, they need not be adjusted, with the exception of occasional turning, throughout their entire life span.

    Result: remounting and sharpening are completely unnecessary, much less sensitive than single grain dressers
  • Short delivery time

Dressing infeed: 0.01-0.04 mm
Cooling: By applying sufficient KSS you will achieve longer tool life!

To avoid machine vibrations the shaft should be kept as short as possible.

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Multi Grain Dresser1
Multi Grain Dresser2
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