Hardness Reference Blocks

Hardness reference blocks are an essential aide in the company Quality Management System. They serve the purpose of calibrating and testing hardness testing devices in daily use. Our calibrated hardness reference blocks are manufactured solely in compliance with current valid standards and guarantee the correct operation of your hardness testing devices.

The calibration of the hardness reference blocks is conducted at the German Calibration Office accredited Calibration laboratory of the MPA NRW.

When using hardness reference blocks it is completely irrelevant whether or not the determined hardness value of the hardness reference blocks coincides 1:1 with the standard hardness value since according to applicable standards the scale adjustment is conducted with at least two hardness values of which one must be higher and the other lower than the hardness value of the workpiece probe.

The hardness reference blocks are only to be used for the test procedure for which they were calibrated.

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Hardness reference blocks3


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